"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation at the Pacers' Opening Night game. The fans really enjoyed the light show, as you could tell by their response."






Delivering top-notch production doesn’t come easily. First we start with a thorough analysis of the environment for any given venue. We assemble your needs and hit the drawing board. Every system we deploy is custom engineered for you.

High-tech tools and decades of experience are utilized in the planning of the audio & lighting systems for your show. Attention to detail is one of the things that sets us apart, and it shows. Once we arrive on-site, we execute. The package is highly-polished and refined to facilitate a rapid and efficient set-up. A smooth and fast deployment saves time and headaches for everyone. The payback from a premium system is obvious. We utilize the most professional equipment available to deliver perfection. Pristine audio & exhilarating lighting that catches your attention. That’s what we do. Every time.




MGM Grand, Las Vegas

How do you add excitement, energy and enthusiasm to a company meeting held in a traditional ballroom and with only 2 weeks to plan?

With an ultra creative design team, state of the art equipment, expert programming & engineering, Stage Tech, Inc. answered the call.

Through the use of conventional &
intelligent lighting fixtures, the ballroom became electrified with color and effects. The audio system used was a JBL line array system enabling flawless coverage.


Indianapolis International Airport:

Stage Tech, Inc. was presented with the task of lighting this cork screw garage at the Indianapolis International Airport. The challenge was to light the outer rim of the garage without impairing drivers vision as they entered and exited.

Intelligent lighting fixtures were chosen and placed inside weatherproof housings on platforms and strategically positioned 100’ from the garage. This purely functional structure was magically transformed into a canvas of changing color and patterns welcoming visitors to Indianapolis.


The acoustic environment simulators shown above allow us to accurately predict how speakers interact in any given environment. This scientific approach takes all guess work out of speaker type & placement to achieve even, audible coverage. We customize and perfect each audio system before we ever arrive at the show site.



Photographers know it, videographers know it, concert production managers know it, and your audience knows it – lighting is everything! Proper fixture placement, colors, blending, and shading create a presentation that pops out and demands your attention. It all begins with the lighting design process